Learn to read music with Easy Notes

Stories are a powerful learning tool, enhancing learning and memory.

Learning to read music can be very difficult for beginners. Easy Notes makes learning the music notes fun and easy, with its wonderful stories and lovable characters. It really works, even with children as young as four years old.

  • The Easy Notes theory books teach four octaves of music notes through adorable characters and fun stories that link to each note’s position on the piano keyboard and on the music stave. This enables the beginner to instantly recognize the notes on the stave, and link them to the notes on the piano.
  • The Character Magnets and House and Farm Magnets, used with the Magnetic Stave, enable hands-on activity, for interacting with and practicing the notes being learned.
  • The Easy Notes books come with a full set of Note Flashcards, which are great for practicing quick recognition of the notes – a crucial skill for effortless music reading!
Try it out. Click for a free sample of pages from Easy Notes Theory Book 1.

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