Piano lesson books Easy Notes works with

When learning the piano, students usually work from two books: a Music Theory book and a Piano Lesson Book.

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Easy Notes is an excellent first music theory book for beginners because it does what other theory books do not do: it teaches the beginner to know and instantly recognize four octaves of notes on the music stave and the piano. This is the ABC of music reading! Easy Notes enables the beginner to develop this essential skill so that they are able to progress at a good healthy rate through their piano lesson book.

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A Piano Lesson Book has the music that the beginner will learn to read and play on their instrument. There are many piano lesson books available for helping beginners get off to a good start in learning to play the piano.

In particular the Easy Notes Theory books have been designed to mesh perfectly with the Alfred’s Basic Piano Library books, because they progress in the same order of hand positions. When two pages of theory are completed per week, the Easy Notes books anticipate the learning stages in the Alfred’s books. So, when new pieces are introduced, the learner already knows the notes needed to play them and less explanation is needed by the teacher. This helps to make it so easy and fun for the beginner to learn to play the piano.

Here's how it works:

Student playing piano
  1. When a beginner starts and is playing on the black notes, Easy Notes is teaching them the white notes. By the time the beginner starts to play on the white notes, they are already familiar with them and can easily identify and locate them. At this stage you realize that Easy Notes is really helping them.
  2. At this time, while the student is playing on the white notes with directional notation, Easy Notes begins to teach the beginner the notes on the stave. So, by the time the beginner starts to play music on the stave (in C position), they know the C position notes and can already read the music. At this point, the ‘power’ of Easy Notes really becomes evident, when you watch a beginner, who has only been learning a short time, reading music effortlessly!
  3. This anticipation of learning stages continues, with Easy Notes teaching the G position notes just before they are actually needed, and so on through middle C position, high G position, and then the outer ledger lines. By the end of the first year of learning, the student knows four octaves of notes. This has laid a solid foundation of note-reading in their first year, leaving them free to progress musically without being slowed down with not knowing the notes.

Can be used easily with books that begin in Middle C position

Easy Notes also supports the progression of books that start in Middle C position when used in the following way:
  • Work through Easy Notes Level 1 pages 1-14.
  • Go to Easy Notes Level 2 pages 3-6.
  • Go back to Easy Notes Level 1 page 15, and continue on through the books.

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