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learning to read music easily
learning to read music easily
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It’s easy to do, it really works, and beginner students just love it!

learning to read music easily
highly effective
Easy Notes
One of the hardest things for a music beginner to learn is how to read music, but it can be the most fun and easy thing to learn!

Recently I put together a video from my own piano studio called, "Easy Notes in a Nutshell". I want to show how that stories are a powerful teaching tool, and how we can use them to enable all our beginners to easily learn how to read music!

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learning to read music easily

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Review from a Piano Teacher

During the Fall of 2020 I happened upon a webinar which introduced a tool to help students learn to read notes well without mnemonics. I have taught mnemonics (while incorporating intervals some) for decades, not because I was sold on the method, but because I didn’t know of a viable alternative. Now I do!

Rebecca Wilson has created a simple, charming and effective way to teach students how to read music, and it is called Easy Notes. My studio began using it in January of 2021 and I am so pleased with the results. All too often I could see my students counting up “Every Good Boy Does Fine,” etc. (even many who should not have to after having played for so long). Also students would repeatedly ask me “Which C is it?” “Is this the correct F?” Easy Notes takes care of both of these issues beautifully!

The notes are taught through stories, and each note has its own character name. Four octaves, from Low C to High C, are covered. The most essential element of Easy Notes are the two workbooks. I have recommended the Easy Notes Large Stave kit to my families because it includes a sturdy, practical magnetic staff and whimsical character magnets for each of the notes in the four octaves. It also includes ledger lines and some magnetic pictures (a house for Treble Staff Street and cows grazing on a hill for Bass Staff Farm) to place on the magnetic staff.

A few of my students are finishing up the first book and will soon begin the second book. They think it’s fun, and all are learning their notes with increasing certainty, including where they are on the keyboard and on the staff.

I receive no remuneration for my review. I contacted Rebecca and wrote, “I have never offered this to anyone or any company before, but if you would like me to write a review for Easy Notes, I would be happy to do that. It is definitely a positive addition to the studio!” I am grateful and excited to have a practical, easy and effective way for students to feel comfortable and secure with note reading.

G. Godsey, San Antonio
Texas, USA.

learning to read music easily
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learning to read music easily
learning to read music easily
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Created for learning

In 2008 I became interested in developing a way that would make it easy for beginners to learn to read music. Traditional methods don’t facilitate instant recognition of the music notes, and can be so tedious for a beginner to use. I wanted to find a way that was both fun and effective, and so ‘Easy Notes’ was born. Following that came the Wilbecks Music Theory Resources. I hope that music learners and teachers alike will find these resources helpful in their musical journey!

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