Why is Easy Notes so effective?

Easy Notes works! It enables students to know the music notes, and knowing the notes empowers them to read music easily. What makes Easy Notes so effective?

Easy Notes is fun

difficulty with mnemonics

The Bug B story, from Easy Notes

Easy Notes takes a fresh and fun approach to teaching how to read music. When a learner is having fun, they are interested and motivated, and their minds are wide open to learn.
  • Children love stories and pictures, and relate easily to them
  • It’s effortless to teach with stories. Kids tune in easily without having to really try
  • The Easy Notes resources are colourful and attractive
  • It’s fun using the Easy Notes magnets.

Cat C Purrfect

Beautiful Cat C,
from Easy Notes

When learning is fun,
learning is easy.

Nishant Kasibhatla - Maximise your Memory Power

Easy Notes Caters to the Various Learning Styles

Rather than teaching with abstract concepts, which require the learner to think logically, Easy Notes teaches in a way that is accessible to diverse learning styles, that is, to different ways of learning.
Visual Learning Style

The Visual Learner needs and likes to visualise things, so pictures and visual aids are extremely effective with these learners. The Easy Notes books and the magnets are full of pictures for the visual learner.
Auditory Learning Style

Auditory Learners (or Language-Oriented Learners) think in words, verbalize concepts, and love stories. Easy Notes takes a wonderful story-telling approach to teaching music concepts, which is well suited to the Auditory Learner.
Reader-Writer Learning Style

The Reader/Writer finds reading and writing a helpful way to take in and process information. The Easy Notes books are full of exercises that help the reader/writer practice and assimilate what they are learning.
Kinaesthetic Learning Style

The Kinaesthetic Learner processes knowledge through physical action. In fact, all children benefit from hands-on activity. The Magnetic Stave and Easy Notes Magnets provide a ready resource for the student to practice and confirm what they are learning through physical activity – a great learning enhancer!

Farmer Fred

The Football F story, from Easy Notes

“I like putting the magnets on the board. I like shooting Football F into the goal and giving Cat C some whiskers.”
Malachi, 5

Easy Notes Facilitates Instant Note Recognition and Links Stave to Piano

Easy Notes trains beginners right from the start to instantly recognise the notes on the stave and on the piano based on note position. link three items of information

The Easy Notes stories and characters link three things together: the notes on the stave, the notes on the piano, and the note names. As soon as the student learns a note through a story, they are immediately enabled to identify the note on the stave and the piano directly. This greatly benefits their music-reading right from the start.

As the student progresses through the Easy Notes books, and uses the flashcards and Easy Notes magnets, the links are practised and repeated until, after enough repetition, they are wired into long-term memory. Then the stories and characters are no longer needed because the notes are known.

Cheeky Bug B, from Easy Notes

“Whenever I see notes in music I just know straight away what they are.”
Andrew, 9

“I like doing the theory because it helps me to know the notes instantly.”
Jessica, 8

“The notes in my theory book help me to play the notes in my piano book.”
Georgia, 7

It really works

playing the piano You’ll find that these few minutes are an excellent time-investment, which starts paying off immediately, enabling students to read music easily and have fun learning to do it!

We have received so much feedback over the years attesting to the success of Easy Notes with children as young as four years old, through to teenagers and adults read some of it here.

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