Getting Hands-On with Music Theory

I’m in New Zealand, and we’ve recently dropped from a high alert level down to the lowest level, enabling music teachers to return to normal lessons. At last! It's been great to be able to see my students again, and watch and listen to them play while we're together in the same room. We've also been able to make good progress in music theory, and use the Magnetic Stave and the theory magnets interactively again. The students all really enjoy using the magnets, and the magnets are so good for reinforcing theory concepts that we're working on. They enable the students to connect with the concepts visually and physically through hands-on activity, which is such a great reinforcer when learning things that are abstract.

Yesterday I took some videos of my lessons at a high school to show how I use the magnets with my teenage students. And later in the day I used Easy Notes, with the interactive magnets, with some beginner students. Being able to incorporate hands-on activity into lessons is so beneficial. It’s engaging, and allows students to practice what they are learning, which leads to greater understanding and retention of content.

It was a good day yesterday - great to be back at school, great to see my students again, and great to be able to teach normally - at last!

I stay plugged into what's transpiring in the United States as I have many family members there, I know not all states are operating at full capacity yet. My heart goes out to everyone affected! We all just have to keep fine-tuning the way in which we work to ensure that students can keep learning!